Sixties Design Furniture: Earo Aarnio Originals

December 21, 2016

Eero Aarnio's original works include "the most exciting chair in the world" which is the Ball chair as described in its first featured article. In the decades since then Eero’s designs have featured on the covers of a great many magazines, from the World of Interiors to Playboy. Many wonderful people have sat in his chairs over the decades, from heads of state to Bond villains, and he’s been featured as a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle at least twice. From the film sets and photo shoots that have taken his chairs to all manner of far flung places, here are a few:

Eero Aarnio Originals

Eero is well known for having pioneered the use of new materials (in particular plastic and fiberglass) and processes in order to create the unusual forms that have sprung from his sketchbooks for over sixty years. His imagination is fueled by a continual curiosity, the urge to question design possibilities.

This innovative and intuitive approach led to his breaking the typical Scandinavian design of the mid twentieth century. At a time when sober clean lines and angles were the order of the day, Eero bent the rules and rounded the corners. Thereby setting new design principles.

It’s personal. The Ball Chair, The Bubble Chair, The Pastil Chair. Eero’s creations aren’t just pieces of furniture, they are characters in their own right. They are extraordinary because they have been designed in an extraordinary way: from a place of love and optimism, shaped by gut feeling, curiosity and imagination.