Mueller Furniture Germany - Reinventing The Living Environment

April 22, 2015

Müller furniture, the specialists for steel designer furniture, has been manufacturing metal furniture in Augsburg bearing the quality mark "Made in Germany", since 1996. The entire product portfolio is comprised of various design collections; Classic Line; Mobile Line; Highline; Workspace; Tabular; Essence; and K16 Sideboards.

Now, new ideas are being combined with the quality that is tried and tested. Mueller proposes the never before seen - furniture in new forms.

All Mueller furniture are produced by hand - using traditional procedures. This guarantees excellent quality and the typical unique character. After cutting, pressing and stamping the steel plate for each piece of furniture is welded by hand. For the varnish we use acrylic varnish from the car industry. In this way high shine surfaces are achieved, which are both hard wearing and easy to care for. Mueller furniture can be made in any RAL color. In this way you experience handicraft expertise and maximum diversity in every piece.


New Products:

STACK: Stylish contemporary metal sideboard, lightweight shelving or elegant room divider? It‘s up to you! With Stack, you are the designer. Not only can you decide the width, height and color, but you can also customize the installation of the various parts yourself: combine open storage compartments with closed boxes and choose between doors and drawers.

Design: Kressel + Schelle


WALL: A lovely piece of furniture: when it comes to modern linear shelving, Wall stands out, in the truest sense of the word. With its wall attachment and vertical lines, not only is it unusually light, but it catches the eye, too. The metal shelves contain enough space for books and everything else that has earned its own special place.

Design: Jan Armgardt


UNIT: With its simple yet sophisticated design the shelves provide an ideal place for everything you want to keep to hand or show to the world. Unit can be supplied for horizontal or vertical, hanging and invisible installation or simply as a freestanding metal shelf. The shelves themselves are made of 2.5 mm sheet steel with their rear panels in the centre section giving them added strength. Fixed shelves provide plenty of space at various heights.

Design: In House


MODULAR: A flexible and timelessly beautiful living furniture system. Ideal for all living and dining area needs. Combine individually configured sideboards with open storage compartments and elegant metal boards and design your own wall installation. All Modular sideboards are available in two different heights and four widths and can be furnished with doors, flaps, drawers or open compartments and with your choice of legs. Modular is uniquely and completely customizable.  All components are made from metal and can be finished in different RAL-colours of your choice.

Design: Jan Armgardt