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The Bauhaus, an artistic institution of higher education whose aim was to overcome the contrast between art and craft and integrate artistic expression with industry, was founded in Weimar one hundred years ago in 1919. Amongst the teachers was the school’s founder, Walter Gropius, as well as the artists Paul Klee, Vasilij Kandinskij and László Moholy–Nagy, the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and many others. Opposed by the most conservative environments, the school moved to Dessau in 1926, to a site also designed by Gropius, which was abandoned a few years later. The definitive closure did not stop the ideas of the Bauhaus, which spread all over the world thanks to the activity of former teachers who emigrated to the United States, forever changing the fields of design.

Mvsevm has completed some important projects everywhere in the world. Mvsevm has taken care of the furnishings of public areas, banks, museums, hospitals, libraries, cruise ships and have also followed designs for cafés, restaurants, hotels, residences, nursing homes, schools. The certified quality of MVSEVM’s italian design solutions, all traditionally-made using top-quality materials, becomes the focal point of furnishings where style is an experience to be explored. A collection born from formal creativity and sensibility for materials and a journey into the beauty of contemporary spaces.  View Catalog