MVSEVM - Creative Works of Modern Design Masters

September 27, 2016

The inspired idea which is still today a guiding concept of Alivar originated in 1984. However the true origins go back to the 60’s, an era in which the creative works of modern design masters could only be seen in museums or specialized magazines.

George Nelson 777

The grand heritage of formal and functional design as expressed in furnishings and everyday domestic objects was seen in a new light thanks to the Werkbundinitiatives, the theories of the “Neue Sachlichkert” and the arts and crafts associations such as the British Arts and Crafts which provided a new insight into the dynamic merging of arts, crafts and industry. It is on the basis of this stylistic intuition painstakingly refined and developed through the years which has led to the creation of an extensive and coherent collection of designer furnishings, MVSEVM.

modernpalette - Alivar MVSEVM

The deep insight into the cultural spectrum of this century,and the search for those artists who best express contemporary tastes has led to the reproduction of the works of famous masters such as Mies Van der Rohe,Alvar Aalto, Marcel Breuer, featured in “The Classics of Modern Furniture” range. As well as the works of less well known artists, but equally valid and amazingly updated, such as Articles from Jean Michel Frank, Takehiko Mizutani, Frederick Kiesler, Gerald Summers, Wassili and Hans Luckardt, Isamu Noguchi, George Nelson and Jules Leleu.


Philological accuracy is the basis of this master furnishing collection and the ALIVAR MVSEVM catalogue (featuring 230 products with bibliographic description, history of the origins and creative inspiration) has been transformed into a valuable book in its own right and will be distributed in bookshops as a source of reference and information; forming an anthology of highly elegant and formal furnishings throughout time, which go beyond the limitations imposed by fashion and trends.

These furnishings ranges which are continually refined and updated on the basis of studies and research are further enhanced by the addition of new models each year which, while remaining faithful to the original designs in terms of the materials and forms, are now offered to the consumers of today.