Tacchini Atoll

Tacchini Atoll Chaise Lounge by Patrick Norguet

Like a cozy archipelago, made up of islands similar in shape, Tacchini Atoll chaise lounge is made up of four separate elements that together create a snug and relaxing whole, with an original asymmetry that adds an element of surprise. Atoll chaise lounge has an armrest on one side, an open hollow on the other, suggesting the possibility of various different positions in which to rest or perhaps to read, but always in line with the body’s natural ergonomics. The chosen combinations of materials are a distinctive and harmonious feature: Atoll's seat, covered in fabric or leather, is set on a metal frame, which in turn is supported on four wooden feet.

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Natural warmth and technological innovation, manufacturing and care for details, safety and well-being. Concrete values you can find in every product and space. Quality represents a key element in design for Tacchini, it takes shape with materials selection and care for the manufacturing process. All Tacchini products are manufactured in the verdant area of Brianza between Milan and Como, with its strong tradition of Italian manufacture and craft.

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