Sangiacomo L2-23A

Sangiacomo Disegno L2-23A | Lampo Modern Living Wall Units

Lampo Disegno L2-23A: Base units and S-shaped supporting boards are arranged in a corner composition. The base unit is fitted between the supporting boards to create a system that can even adapt to critical situations where the walls are not exactly at a right angle or where the space includes partitions that are not perfectly orthogonal. Finished in iron grey and white matte lacquer.


L 9/8-Ft x H 71-In x P 22/18/14 Inch

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Sometimes, all you need is a seemingly insignificant mark. And, all of a sudden, the system acquires balance and the geometric shapes take on a more graphical appeal. A straight line, supported or suspended, expressed in the concrete form of a very thick top or through a spectacular ray of light. Something suddenly appears. Sangiacomo Lampo Segno elements can be selected and combined to form custom wall unit configurations. Two hangers are included with each hanging unit paired with wall anchors.

Availability: Special Order (16 to 20 weeks)