Tonelli | Contemporary Italian Furniture in Glass

Tonelli is the result of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation. Tradition and technology have been brought together to forge a company philosophy, the very heart of which is based on the value given to design, and therefore, to the designer, when it comes to enhancing the characteristics of this unique element: glass.

Sideboards - Tonelli Liber Bookcase

Furniture design that is more than ever a symbol of 'Made in Italy', is the company mission. Over the years, the style of their products has been connected with the most important international designers. The role played by design culture in the display of their products is by no means less important. However, the most stimulating aspect is perhaps our dialogue and relationships with the designers, decorators and architects who have to insert the designs into a daily context.

Designers: Davide and Gabriele Adriano-Adriano Design, Albertina Amadeo, Bartoli, Paolo Crescenti, Giulio Ripamonti, Bartoli, Fabio Bortolani, Dorina Camusso, Maurizio Castelvetro, Paolo Icaro Chissotti, D’Urbino and Lomazzi, Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni, Roberto Garbugli, Marco Gaudenzi, Elisabetta Gonzo, Alessandro Vicari, Isao Hosoe, Giulio Mancini, Emilio Nanni, Karim Rashid, Denis Santachiara, Luigi Serafini, Kaori Shiina, and Hermian Sneyders De Vogel.

Tonelli Design modern glass furniture - 100% made in Italy with all new concepts. Producers of finely crafted modern dining tables, bookcases, shelving, glass lounge chair, wall units, sideboards, console tables, coffee tables, TV stands, dividers, modern vases, planters and wall mirrors.