LINIE Design

Welcome to LINIE Design's world of exclusive rugs—providing originality, luxury, and comfort for the modern home. Linie Design rugs are designed by leading Scandinavian designers and are handmade in India by adult weavers, using authentic traditional craftsmanship. The rugs are distinguished by an extra cotton back, making them very hard-wearing. Produced in standard sizes, the rugs can also be custom made in square, rectangular, and round shapes. The style is clean and harmonious, classic yet contemporary, and available in a refined and timeless color scheme.

For best results, regular vacuum cleaning is recommended. Spots should be removed using a damp cloth. To preserve the natural color, avoid prolonged direct sunlight and turn the rug occasionally to protect the edges and maintain even wear. Rugs should not be soaked. Professionally dry-clean when necessary. Excess wool is natural and will always be found to a certain extent.

Care & Fair
Both Linie Design and a non-profit non-government organization continually monitor rug production from raw material to finished product, ensuring adult workers working under safe conditions, superior to local laws and rules. Linie Design is also a member of Care & Fair is a non-profit that works to fight against child labor and provides education and health services free of charge to carpet weaving communities in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Linie Design sponsors an entire school in India with hundreds of students and is training women to be seamstresses.