Tacchini Dressed

Dressed Sofa by Luca Nichetto

The Dressed product range expands with additional elements that give rise to new opportunities in terms of settings, arrangements and use, starting from the sofa. Tacchini Dressed sofa comes in two sizes and its main features is the padding sewn directly into the fabric. A solution inspired by the world of sportswear, it also applies to the armchair and chair that can be easily matched with the sofa. The padding sewn into the fabric, reminiscent of the woven patches sewn onto sports or technical clothing.

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Natural warmth and technological innovation, manufacturing and care for details, safety and well-being. Concrete values you can find in every product and space. Quality represents a key element in design for Tacchini, it takes shape with materials selection and care for the manufacturing process. All Tacchini products are manufactured in the verdant area of Brianza between Milan and Como, with its strong tradition of Italian manufacture and craft.

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