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Lafer Recliners

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LAFER Contemporary Recliner Chairs are made out of the best quality materials and precision manufacturing systems which help them last for many years. On all models, regardless of their shape or style, you will find amazing customized comfort. The perfect ergonomic qualities of these modern recliner chairs assure you the best of comfort and relaxation. Ergonomic and patented leather recliner chairs engineered to be enjoyed for many years. Each chair offers neck, back and overall relaxation like no other.  Our stocking models include Valentina, Kiri, Lafer Gaga, Carrie, Demi, Elis, Adele and Josh, Adele, Gaga executive desk chair recliners offered in a variety of leather types and colors. Some models, due to their compact footprint, can be used as RV recliners. Lafer's home and office recliner line includes manual or powered recliners, home theater sofas, executive recliners, swivel and fixed base recliners.