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L5C01 Wall Storage


Sangiacomo Lampo L5C01 Open | Wall-Mount Storage

Sangiacomo Lampo L5C01: OPEN, new life for the living area. Storage and display are two fundamental needs of the living area which Open solves with a modern minimalist style and total flexibility. The open units, with 45° joints, offer a wide choice of modular sizes - width, height and depth. This allows virtually endless compositions to be created and books and other objects of any size to be stored. Each piece made with backing panel.

The versatility of this solution is further increased by the (optional) GHOST partitions which divide up the inside space of open units with thin glass or sheet metal parts.

L5C01 composition with Open wall-mounted units with matte slate lacquer finish and with heat-treated oak veneer, Ghost internal partitions in matte white 10 lacquer finish metal.

You can choose other cabinet colors and/or oak veneer finish by including finishing notes in order comments. Cable ducts/holes can be included, with your instructions. Wall hangers, all hardware, and installation manual included.


W130 H75 x Variable 14-18-21,5D inch

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Sometimes, all you need is a seemingly insignificant mark. And, all of a sudden, the system acquires balance and the geometric shapes take on a more graphical appeal. A straight line, supported or suspended, expressed in the concrete form of a very thick top or through a spectacular ray of light. Something suddenly appears. Sangiacomo Lampo elements can be selected and combined to form custom wall unit configurations. Two hangers are included with each hanging unit paired with wall anchors.

Availability: Special Order (9 to 12 weeks)

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