Glenn Table

Glenn Table for Antonello Italia | Design Dondoli-Pocci

The idea of the Glenn table comes free of any restriction, scheme or preconception, matching perfectly the concept of exclusive furnishing, where the main element is the expertly and lazer cut curved glass. Fixed table with two-piece base (15mm) and top (12 mm) in extralight or float glass - both tempered. Design: Dondoli e Pocci. 


Height: H30 (Inches)
L/W: 55x55, 60x60, 71x43, or 79x43
Elliptical: L/W: 87x47; 94x51
Round: Ø63

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The vocation and dedication to design, always an expression of the company, is fully expressed throughout their collections, fruits of careful research towards new trends. Antonello Italia produces furniture and accent furnishings for the contemporary home which highlights elegant areas, born of the idea of sophistication and style that has made the phrase "100% Made in Italy" famous all around the world. Modern Palette makes custom orders easy with Fast and Free Shipping!

Ivano Antonelloitalia

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