Alivar Blow

Alivar Blow Sofa | Design Giuseppe Bavuso

The Blow Sofa from Alivar is a contemporary modern sofa created out of the need to offer a product of superior design, ensuring at the same time ideal ergonomics for relaxing and convivial moments.

With a wide range of fabric, faux and leather choices, it makes for a versatile object adaptable to any taste and needs. Blow sofa is structured in a metal and wood frame padded with cold formed polyurethane foam for a lasting form and down feathers for luxurious softness. Add soft pillows with a layer of memory foam and filled with goose down to complete each unit. Blow sofa was designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for the Alivar Home Project Collection. Sectional left or right sofa with chaise lounge - also available. Pillows not included.

Height H26,4 (Inches)
Depth 38,6

DBW188 - W74
DBW214 - W84,3
DBW240 - W94,5
DBW270 - W106,3 (3 seater)

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