Adelta Design of Finland


Adelta Finland - Collection by Eero Aarnio

Adelta transforms great ideas to great art. They make unique things available to as many as possible, not only to be seen in a museum, in a vault, in a secret hideaway. With furniture, Adelta feels they should takes good ideas can and reproduce them to make them available to as many enthusiasts as possible. Adelta seeks out really outstanding pieces for reproduction. For example the plastic furniture designs by Eero Aarnio.

Eero as pioneer in using plastic in product design. He was - and still is - one of the pioneers in using plastic as a material for production. The Finnish designer was born in 1932, studied from 1954 to 1957 at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and started in 1962 with his own office as an interior and product designer.

Turn of Events

1966 - The Ball Chair or Globe Chair as it's called sometimes - was designed by using one of the most simple geometric forms - the ball and was produced by Adelta. The Ball Chair was presented at the international furniture fair in Cologne. Globe was the sensation of the fair, the international breakthrough for Eero Aarnio and the start for a whole line of fibreglass designs by Aarnio.

1967 - Formula, Eero Aarnio says to be one of the best chairs he has ever created. Slightly rocking back- and forwards, Formula is a perfect chair for relaxing with a refreshing drink after a hard days work. Formula is an absolutely wonderful addition to kid's rooms, family, play rooms and outdoors.

1968 - Based on the idea of Ball, the Original Bubble Chair is a reduction of this design. The only suitable material is acrylic which is heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble. Since Aarnio knew that the dome-shaped skylights are made in this way, he contacted the Adelta and asked if it would be technically possible to blow a bubble that is bigger than a hemisphere. The answer was yes.

1969 - One year after he had designed Pastil in 1968 and Eero received the American Industrial Award for Pastil. The New York Times wrote about Ball and Pastil at this time: "the most comfortable forms to hold up the human body".

Adelta is the only authorized manufacturer of Eero's fiberglass collection. All Adelta designs are made in Finland.