MIDJ Bolle Armchair

Bolle Armchair by Paola Navone

MIDJ Armchair with four legs base, structure and backrest in lacquered metal. Cushions upholstered in fabric, leather or faux leather. It is possible to configure the armchair choosing different colors for legs and shell.

Bolle is also available in outdoor version. The Bolle collection was created for the outdoors and includes sofas, armchairs and lamps in macro-perforated colored metal, with a soft and playfully captivating aesthetic.

The name Bolle derives from the special processing of the metal shells, which produces a texture with a strong graphic impact. Indeed, Bolle means bubbles.

The simple yet sophisticated image of the entire collection reveals Paola Navone's ability to propose an imaginary linked to her particular Mediterranean taste. The seats are presented as super enveloping shells, to be customized with soft cushions: for limitless comfort, even when away from home.

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For over twenty years, MIDJ has been pursuing its goals of growth and development in style and production, restyling its range, improving and expanding its offices and production units, where chairs are made for markets worldwide. Experience and professionalism acquired over the years are the strengths of this company, which offers functional, modern top-design products. Midj products are produced entirely in Italy – chairs, tables and complementary furnishing items featuring top-design and quality.

Availability: Custom 14 to 18 weeks