January 22, 2015

Driade and the Lord Yo Chair

The Lord Yo armchair by Star designer Philippe Starck. Since 1994, Lord Yo chair is today part of Philippe Starck classics and Driade Store collection. A smart combination of comfort and simple elegance created for interior and outdoor use.

Driade Lord Yo Colors 2014

Many years ago, at its beginning, Lord Yo was simply a polypropylene easy chair with an aluminum structure, now it’s an icon. Recognized and recognizable anywhere and by anyone. It took Philippe Starck to carry out such an extraordinary stunt, built with soft curves and raised back, almost a throne, and slightly bent legs. Then to think about covering it, sometimes, with a white piquet slipcover that, instead of hiding, reveals.

January 09, 2015

New Concepts: Bonaldo Alfie

Modern, essential, cool. Alfie armchair & Cone mirror.

Bonaldo Alfie Easy Chair

design Giuseppe Viganò
A restyled classic, turned into an item of interior design devised to accommodate the need for comfort and the passion for clean-cut, modern silhouettes. The Alfie relaxing armchair stands out for its metal frame, which creates a strong visual impact. The emery-leather body is embellished by cushions which - together with the matching footrest - guarantee the utmost comfort. The frame is available in painted metal in matt anthracite grey, white,red, chromed or black nickel. The seat exterior is in emery-leather and the interior is complemented by padded cushions.


December 05, 2014

Precious Plastics

Precious Plastics Furniture - The way plastic is processed is pretty much same as how glass is processed. It is melted and purified and the quality lies on how pure the material is made to be. Plastics' raw materials and additives are combined to produce preferred material qualities to use for furniture. We can think of plastic as a direct result of modernism. It has been widely used through the years as it can subjected to a variety of ancillary operations after forming and cooling such as welding, extrusion, adhesive bonding, machining, surface painting and metal surfacing. A modern plastic chair can be entirely formed with plastic. In its early stages from the sixties through the seventies, plastics were used to produce household goods and consumers welcomed this idea.

Fine Plastic Tables and Chairs - One can look to Italian brands such as Kartel, the pioneering company for plastic housewares and moved on into furniture design, Bonaldo and Magis for a good amount of plastics designs from the likes of top designers Philippe Starck, Karim Rashid, D'Urbino e Lomazzi, Dondoli e Pocci, and Ron Arad names a few.

September 15, 2014

September 13, 2014

The Spun Chair

 The rotating low chair Spun (design Thomas Heatherwick) was selected by an international jury to be included in the Habitare Collection 2011. This collection – made up of only 27 products representing the most innovative objects of the period 2005-2011 – was shown in an exhibition at the Habitare Fair in Helsinki, Finland and now it becomes part of the permanent collection of the Helsinki Design Museum.