Tonelli Fittipaldi Mirror


Fittipaldi Modern Standing Floor Art Mirror | Contemporary Dimensional Wall Mirrors

Fittipaldi by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni for Tonelli Design. Tonelli Fittipaldi is a modern contemporary mirror consisting of seven mirrored strips over a black frame. The alternating inclination and possibly modulating strips on the Fittipaldi mirror express the dynamic sense of space.


W35 x H35 or H71

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Custom Lead Time: 8 to 12 Weeks

Tonelli manufactures furnishing items and designer objects that are more than ever symbols of 'Made in Italy'. The company is the result of a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation. Tradition and technology have been brought together to forge a philosophy, the very heart of which is based on the value given to works of the designers. The brand is also synonymous to manufacturing perfection as can be seen in their dining room, living and office products that are precision cut or formed and meticulously assembled. They produce highly detailed mirrors, storage units, sideboards, bookcases, shelves, accents, tables and TV stands that can be used at home or at work. Modern Palette makes custom ordering easy - with Fast and Free Shipping!

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