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Sleepy Bed

Tonin Casa

Sleepy Bed Modern Design by Angelo Tomaiuolo

Sleepy Bed by Tonin Casa - bed design that is unusual. Its form is extremely modern, original and unique. Thought out for the most original and distinct personalities. Work processes studied to guarantee to each product a perfect 'dress' to enhance the cohesion which transmits. Sleepy bed is available in a wide range of leather and eco-leather colors. Available for European mattress sizes only. Mattress support wood slats and mattresses are optional.

16H/35H (Inches)
(M) W78 D91
(L) W78 D95
(XL) L85 D95

Tonin Casa also takes care of its choice of latex or memory foam mattresses, offering only the best in quality. Natural biological mattress covered in natural corn hypoallergenic fabric that absorbs humidity, with a pure linen 100% transpiring stuffing.

Tonin Casa Furniture: Discreet luxury - because true elegance is whispered. Winding shapes, ethereal colors and precious materials. The new Tonin Casa collection, more elegant than ever, can make a modern house more personal with style. Tonin Casa's history tells a story that is pure Italian. An Italian company that creates Italian home products made of Italian raw materials, with the care and the refinement that make our productions stand out among others. Marbles, woods and metals worked with skillful experience that makes 'Made in Italy' a brand renowned all over the world. Contact us for inquiries. Fast, free shipping to US and Canada.

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