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Alivar Fjord


Alivar Fjord | Bedroom Nightstand Drawer-Chests

Alivar Fjord is a series of contemporary Bedside Tables and Chest of Drawers rich with features such as top quality hide cladding for the tabletop and the drawer fronts where it also wraps around the handles. Fjord dressers and nightstands are framed with vertical sides in oak veneer or matte/glossy lacquer. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Home Project.

The FJORD models are truly functional and practical solutions thanks to the use of high quality materials such as wood, that is essentially an “eternal”material together with the most high quality leather. The combination of these two elements give rise to a contrast effect which emphasizes the minimalist design feature of each item. Furthermore, thanks to the vast range of color options available both for the tops and the drawer unit fronts it is possible to customize both the FJORD drawer units and the bedside table to meet specific tastes and requirements.


SFJ3 - W26,4 H13 D19,7
SFJ1 - W62,2 H26 D21,6
SFJ2 - W26,4 H49,2 D 21,6

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