Leather Care - Lafer

Leather - Cleaning and Maintenance

How to clean and maintain your leather products looking good:

You’ll need:

  • Leather Conditioners
  • Saddle Soaps
  • Damp cloths
  • Dry Towels
  • Sponges
  • Leather Protection Sprays
  • Leather Cleaning Kits


  1. Place a small amount of a gentle, moisturizing soap such as Dove on a damp cloth and bring it to a light lather. Soap will leave a scum just like you find on basin and bath areas - it will attract soil faster and not easy to remove thereafter. Always look for a leather safe (pH 3-5) cleaner, as it will not streak nor result in tackiness to the finish leather.
  2. Rub the damp cloth on the leather without putting too much water on the leather. Horsehair brush is a better option as it cleans the groove as well as the grain and will not cause a rubbing off of pigment coating.
  3. Wipe away lather with a fresh damp cloth. Don't rinse the leather in water.
    Wipe with a very dry absorbent cloth and rinse with distilled water (as least the pH is about 5.2)
  4. Polish leather with a dry towel.
  5. Treat leather with a leather conditioner after it has dried completely.
  6. Always test on hidden areas first.