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LAFER Ergonomic Chair Recliners | Executive Reclining Chairs

The current family of contemporary Lafer recliners, designed by Percival Lafer, were born from the idea of making a recliner with a hidden footrest. After much research and development, the result is a complete reclining chair solution that is both beautiful and ergonomic. After more than 20 years in production, the Lafer recliner concept remains authentic and original. While the primary business of Lafer for over 85 years has always been furniture production, the opportunity of new technology and innovation has led to products other than furniture, including the famous MP replica car. Also designed by Percival, it is a testament to the creative and innovative nature of a company that is world renowned for their commitment to quality, design innovation, and originality. Lafer Recliners are your perfect solution for a beautifully functional reclining chair. This patented reclining system is ergonomic and space saving providing you the ultimate luxury-style and comfort. Independent controls for the backrest, footrest, and headrest enables your Lafer recliner to adapt to your body for total relaxation whether you are sitting, laying down, watching TV, reading a book, or sleeping. Every chair is made with a durable steel frame and top grain leather for a superior quality product that is both relaxing and environmentally friendly.

Lafer is one of the most traditional furniture companies in Brazil. It has manufactured high quality furniture known for its great comfort, elegance and ergonomics. For the past 2 decades Lafer has researched, developed and enhanced innovative systems for reclining furniture. The unique know-how acquired in this period of time inspired the creation of a complete collection of stylish super comfortable reclining chairs. Their contemporary design and their efficient easy-to-use reclining systems have delighted thousands of happy owners worldwide. They are excellent reclining chairs crafted with care and refinement to offer you many years of true comfort.

Lafer's rigorous quality control guarantees first-rate products, made with high quality raw material and perfect finishing. Its excellent customer service offers full support for your total satisfaction with your recliner. Buying a Lafer recliner is one of the best investments in comfort and wellness you can make in your life. It gives your body a chance to relax. Comfort for a lifetime. For these reasons, Modern Palette has been an active and proud provider of Lafer products and service, since 2007. You can ask us about new model and color releases, powering options, custom color ordering. Praised by plenty, they also come in a wide selection of colors over a variety of leather quality grades. Vinyl leathers are also available for the outdoor model named Sunny.

Special emphasis is given to articulated furniture, an area where Lafer is the absolute leader, for their patented systems, sofa beds, recliners and home-theater seating. Robust and accurately designed products that reflect the company's long experience in producing furniture where care with ergonomics and ease of operation is the priority since its conception.

On all models made for home use, regardless of their shape or style, you will find the amazing Lafer customized comfort. "The perfect ergonomy of Lafer Recliners assures you the best of comfort, regardless of choice of style". Lafer Recliners are made of the best materials and engineering systems. The Lafer seating line includes modern home and office recliners, swivel recliners, RV recliner, home theater sofas, executive recliners and outdoor recliners. Lafer has long been manufacturing high quality furniture known for its great comfort, elegance and ergonomics.

Out of all the models engineered for home use, the Kiri recliner has been the absolute favorite. Kiri Recliner revolutionized the look of contemporary modern recliners. Kiri can be placed in just about any setting you desire due to its compact design. Great for tight spaces, even for RV interiors. Within easy reach, the Kiri hand lever allows you to comfortably slide into multiple reclining positions. It encompasses unique style with infinite position capabilities. Its infinite positioning offers its occupant the ability to raise their feet to lessen the pressure on the spine, thus relieving the body of muscle tension after an eventful day. Same for all of the models, one might opt to attach a footrest extension, although the Kiri is lengthy enough for most people, from five to six feet tall.

Lafer also makes Executive chair recliners which are the only recliners in the world to offer two distinct functions in one chair: an extremely comfortable desk chair and a recliner with all the features of the Lafer home recliners. As desk chairs, they provide a horizontal seat for a comfortable straight working position. When reclined, the seat tilts to a relaxing position just like a home recliner.

Lafer recliners offer neck and back comfort like not other. Patented, ergonomic, leather recliner chairs engineered to be enjoyed for many years. The company also provides excellent seating for hospitality environments such as healthcare facilities, although only by Special Order. Let us know when you need help with this, so we may provide design and material samples to you.

Modern Palette offers specials and absolute best prices on Lafer chairs, sofas, home recliners and executive chair recliners. Ask us about healthcare specialty and power assisted exam room seating. Contact us (888-846-4842) for samples or for more information. Quantity and trade ranges available.