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GAN Catania

Gan Rugs

GAN Catania | Kilim Rug by Sandra Figuerola

GAN Catania - One rug, one image. The Kilim collection offers a basic rug that is classical, practical, accessible and now contemporary as well. A traditional kilim with an innovative and contemporary design. This lively and colorful geometric kilim evokes red wine, the autumn harvest by the sea and the scent of flowers. A succession of borders and garlands decorate your home with oriental flavors and volcanic colors. Modernity and tradition for a tapestry that is both intense and delicate. Gan Catania is made in 100% wool, reversible and clearly hand made. Design by Sandra Figuerola.

4’11”W 6’8”L (Inches)
5’7”W 7’11”L
6’8”W 9’10”L
Height: .23H

From manufacturing blankets that started more than 70 years ago, Gandia Blasco has been an acclaimed producer of elegant outdoor furniture and in recent years the company has worked with world renowned designers in creating a notable selection of unique rugs, space cushions, ottomans and accessories under the GAN brand. With design influences from Arabic, traditional Moroccan, and Persian cultural lifestyles, GAN is now a diverse collection of hand knotted and hand tufted rug varieties to adorn the modern and contemporary home. GAN Rugs is an active participant in child protection programs and sponsors women’s development projects in rural settings. Modern Palette makes online ordering easy with FREE SHIPPING to US and Canada.

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