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Alivar Dorothea


Alivar Dorothea | Contemporary Lighted Display Bookcase

Alivar Dorothea Bookcase is a full-width display cabinet with tempered glass fronts, a bottom drawer and LED lighting. Structured in MDF, the unit is beautifully finished in heat-treated oak. Hide covered shelves are added which makes this piece of furniture original, stylish and contemporary. This bookcase design also comes in the Dorothea XL version which is double in size, if a wider and seamless viewing display is preferred.


Height: H86,6 (Inches)
Depth: D16,1

CDT - W48  
CDTXL - W89,8

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A truly refined style, for those who seek simplicity and strength in all things, and those who consider the functionality of objects that surround him as being of primary importance. The world renown Italian company produces furnishing items to give a touch of character, furnishings to highlight the surroundings with lighting features, ideal solutions for highly functional environments. The range continues an ongoing project in which each detail has a specific intrinsic value and in which each element has real significance focused on comfort and dynamism. For a home that is a true source of inspiration, multi-centered, in which minimalist lines provide the scope for excellent visibility, and fashion trends are conceived as an anticipation of what lies beyond the horizon. We make custom ordering easy for all your modern living and office furniture needs - with Fast and Free Shipping!

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