Layer Table

by: Bonaldo

Bonaldo Layer Contemporary Modern All Glass Extending Dining Table

Layer Dining Table by Gino Carollo is a contemporary extending table design with glass top and legs. A brilliant example of how the functionality of an extendable surface can combine with the aesthetics of light, clean forms. The top comes in either black varnished glass or white varnished extra clear glass, while its extraclear glass legs feature a distinctive, gradient paint finish from opaque to transparent. The lacquered wood extension makes it possible to increase the length of the table top easily, while retaining ultimate stability and solidity. Its side wood extension leaf is finished in black or white lacquer. Aluminum Frame. Brand logo printed on glass top edge.

The opening mechanism on the Layer Table does not spoil the sobriety of its lines. It can be extended very easily and quickly thanks to a mechanism that allow the legs to be placed at the far end of the table, without getting in the way of seating.

L71 to L98 W35
L87 to L114 W30

Bonaldo is among the finest design houses in Italy. They make products that help people create and complement contemporary themes. The living collection feature minimalistic style and virtually everything else that people have come to expect from modernistic furniture. Since 1936, the group has been transforming ideas into designs and making items that can successfully interpret the requirements of the modern world, generating excitement at first sight. They focus on identifying and eliminating even the smallest blemish or fault which is the means for quality. Communicates designs with style, color and dynamism for materials while giving attention and care for every tiny detail. Take pride in being a first-hand witness to the beauty and simple elegance of their products. The label says it all when it comes to dining and living room tables and chairs, sideboards, beds of all sizes - even for kids, their armchairs and sofas. We make custom ordering easy with Fast & Free S&H.

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